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Dow UKI Global Citizenship Donations 2019

Dow looks to support programs that can demonstrate an identified community need.  

Workforce Solutions 

  • Educator Empowerment – Build STEM teaching skills, create leadership and career development programs, and involve students in hands-on activities.
  • Classroom to Career – Ignite interest and enhance preparedness for students in STEM fields through events, projects and competitions that lead to STEM career decisions; develop skilled trades programs, and promote a variety of workforce opportunities.

Community Solutions  -  Community well-being – Enable economic and environmental development, support for the disadvantaged in a community and health education programs. 

All proposals must align to the above alongside additional opportunities for employee volunteerism that embraces community and educational collaboration.

What We Support

Applicants must adhere to the company’s non-discrimination policy and be a charitable or non-profit organisation or eligible government or school with required tax documentation.  Note – faith-based organisations may qualify, provided their proposed project is for the benefit of the community as a whole rather than just the members of the congregation.

Organisations who serve and are based in communities where Dow employees live and work. 

Examples of charitable organisations and/or activities that would NOT qualify for funding include: Proposals submitted by for-profit businesses, religious organisations for the sole benefit of the organisation, individual sports teams, political organisations or candidates, labour unions, homeowners' associations, or individuals. Operating expenses, personal computers, travel expenses, conferences, advertising, fundraising events, walks or runs, giveaways or prizes, individual scholarships, dues and memberships, lobbying expenses or capital campaigns.

The deadline for submitting suggestions for Dow UKI Global Citizenship Donations for the first half of 2019 has just been extended to 31 August 2019.

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