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Leaders Unlocked Opportunity with Children England

Leaders Unlocked are working with Children England on The ChildFair State Inquiry, and are recruiting a team of 25 young people to form the core leadership team, to design and deliver the research project.  

The young people (13-21yrs old) will:

  • Develop their research and facilitation skills
  • Give other children and young people a voice 
  • Explore their own and others’ experiences of public services
  • Work with a panel of experts to create proposals for change that are as rigorous as possible and as radical as necessary
  • Become, if they choose, active campaigners for the vision they create

Leaders Unlocked are very keen to make sure the project involves young people from different backgrounds and a wide range of life experiences. They want to hear from young people who have been affected by different issues and challenges – including (but not limited to) care experience, migration, poverty, experience of hospital stays, being a carer, living in different forms of housing, alternative education, special educational needs and disabilities.

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