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Public Relations Volunteer Role

Help raise the profile of Healthwatch Derbyshire by distributing our literature and spreading the word about what we do and what we are working on.  

  • Promote Healthwatch Derbyshire (HWD) through the circulation of leaflets, posters and information within their local community; community centres, libraries, church halls, shops, at local events etc.
  • Ensure that HWD literature, including newsletters, are available in local health and social care settings, e.g. GP surgeries, dentists, opticians etc., and in any other identified public places, e.g. libraries.
  • Maintain a record as to how many leaflets have been distributed and where to.
  • Provide information to HWD about health and social care activities and events in their local area.
  • Tell people about HWD and encourage them to get involved.
  • Promote HWD events and projects to local people and/or people with a common service/need interest.
  • Encourage organisations and individuals to sign up as participants of HWD

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Website Assistant
  • Groups
  • Help for your group: setting up, constitution, structure, management, meetings, funding, etc.
  • Members
  • Membership of HPCVS for organisations, and Corporate Partnership for local businesses.
  • Groups
  • Community Directory Derbyshire database of the local voluntary and community groups.