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Foundation Derbyshire Coronavirus Funding

Foundation Derbyshire’s Coronavirus Fund has been established to support community groups and organisations working to tackle the impact of the Coronavirus in Derbyshire.

Subject to available funds, their initial focus is on providing £1000 emergency grants to Food Banks (that may be experiencing a fall in food donations and/or increases in demand) and befriending services, who will play a key role in helping those in self-isolation, as a result of the virus.

As the situation develops and they understand more fully where the pressures and challenges are, they aim to respond to the needs of community and voluntary groups more widely and will also review the size of grants that they are able to award.

The National Emergencies Trust will also be using Foundation Derbyshire to distribute money that they are raising - further information on their website next week.

If your group would like to apply to the Foundation Derbyshire Coronavirus Fund, email the Grants Team at

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