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Building Better Opportunities

Building Better Opportunities is a support programme for people who are unemployed or economically inactive (haven’t worked for 4 weeks and
are not planning to work for another 4 weeks) aged 16+ (or 15 if not in employment, education, or training ) that is designed to promote social
inclusion and to remove barriers to employment.  

The programme is funded jointly by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund operating across Derbyshire (as well as Derby City, Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire) and has three strands:

1) Towards Work – For people who want to access training or employment but have barriers preventing them from moving forward. Examples of barriers could be mental health, disability, low skills, criminal record and childcare.

- Personalised 1:1 support to move closer to work, education or training for 12 months, including 3 months in-work support

- Support with the costs of travel, childcare, qualifications and other barriers if identified within their needs assessment.


2) Opportunity and Change – For people who have multiple complex needs, which are preventing them from being socially included and preventing them from achieving stability to gain employment. Multiple and complex needs include homelessness, or being vulnerably housed, having mental health issues, substance misuse issues, offending or ex-offending past (need to have at least 2 complex needs to be eligible).

- Personalised 1:1 support with work for 12-18 months  - Support with the costs of travel, childcare etc. if identified within needs assessment at a barrier


3) Money Sorted – For people who require assistance with money management and financial inclusion support.​

- Personalised 1:1 support with work for 6 months 

- Support with the costs of travel, childcare etc. if identified within needs assessment at a barrier

Please note that an individual can self-refer, or an organisation can refer on an individual’s behalf. If you would like to refer in to the strands, please find the details of each delivery partner local to you by going to the websites above.

We are particularly trying to gain referrals from women who have childcare requirements and might want to start thinking about training or qualifications that might help them get back in to work.

If you have any questions or would like to develop stronger pathways between BBO and another organisation, please contact Rosie Morton, Derbyshire Stakeholder Manager for the BBO programme: / 07850503171. 

The Quick Referral Guide:

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