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Glossopdale Furniture Project Appeal

As a small local charity Glossopdale Furniture Project rely on the High Peak community for the majority of their funding.  

Without this Glossopdale Furniture Project, as the only charity its type in the High Peak, would not be able to provide its vital service to individuals and families on low or no incomes.

As premises are not ideal, they do not have a fundraising team for income generation and the small team goes above and beyond in their dedication to the cause. With an annual income of possibly less than your average Premier League footballer’s weekly wage, the margins are very finely balanced. As they are not a frontline health charity, or essential in the immediate crisis, Glossopdale Furniture Project have been advised to cease operations. However, the services they provide as a charity will be in serious demand once we begin to emerge from the current restrictions.

Since Glossopdale Furniture Project are no longer able to operate in their usual way they have a significant drop in income on which they rely. While we understand the difficulties everyone is experiencing, a small donation to the Project 20/5K appeal could make all the difference in helping them to continue.

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