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Guide to Informal Community Groups Responding to COVID-19

This guide is meant as a starting point to help volunteers, leaders and those High Peak CVS are helping stay safe and to help you avoid unintended negative consequences while you do your best to help those in need.  

Guide to Informal Community Groups Responding to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Each group will need to create their own ways of working tailored to suit the needs in their area and for their community.

Be aware this is a stressful time, misunderstandings and raised tempers might happen. Although everyone’s motives within your group are genuine, it is important that you take steps to protect the vulnerable and volunteers from the virus and also from false allegations, stress, overload and even abuse. 

For further detailed advice see our Covid-19 / Coronavirus resources on our website:

If you need more information and guidance contact the staff at High Peak CVS on 01663 735350 or we will be happy to help.  Please note that the office is closed but staff are all working from home and picking up voicemail messages and emails.

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