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Councillors Support High Peak CVS

Whaley Bridge and Furness Vale Councillors use Initiative Fund to support High Peak CVS.  

High Peak Borough Councillors Kath and Shannon-Kate Thomson for Whaley Bridge and Furness Vale have announced that they will be using their Initiative Fund to support the work of High Peak CVS and in turn help those groups in the local area during these difficult times. 

Councillor Kath Thomson said: 

"From listening to people in the village and hearing stories In the news about voluntary workers and food banks having to beg for donations and government funding, we asked ourselves what we could do to help the community via the voluntary sector. We approached High Peak CVS for advice on how the community voluntary sector could be helped best in our ward and, after talking to James we concluded that the money was best going to the CVS as they have a more in depth understanding of the best ways to use the funding to maximise the help given.”

Councillor Shannon-Kate Thomson added: 

"Setting up these organisations can be difficult at the best of times, but in a crisis like this we need to help the voluntary sector more than ever as we rely on volunteers to help the community get through challenging times. 

High Peak CVS are key in working and supporting various groups such as Food Banks and those dealing with Mental Health issues which we are incredibly passionate about. We are fully aware that many people are negatively affected financially due to COVID-19 and more people are looking to food banks to feed their families. In addition, mental health support groups that people can go to if they're struggling to cope - both those with existing mental health issues and  those who have had their mental health detrimentally impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. There is no doubt the current pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety and distress among both of the above groups of people and if they can get support then we'd love to help”. 

Both Councillors have allocated £250 each to the work of High Peak CVS, who are based in Whaley Bridge, and this will be used to engage and support local groups over the coming weeks and months.  

James Bromley, CEO at High Peak CVS said: 

"The current COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges to the people, groups and organisations across the High Peak and the last few weeks have shown how the community has come together to support those that need it the most. High Peak CVS is established to support these groups but we face the same financial challenges and donations like this make a huge difference to enable us to continue supporting the groups that so many people rely on. On behalf of High Peak CVS I’d like to say a huge thank you to Councillors Shannon-Kate and Kath Thomson for this contribution and we will work hard to continue supporting groups in Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale and beyond”. 

The two local Councillors concluded by saying: 

"We feel helping these voluntary groups is a no brainer - especially during the COVID-19 crisis. We would like to thank all the voluntary sector and its staff. They have worked hard to aid our community in spite of funding cuts. Without voluntary workers, we'd struggle to run a lot of services that some families so desperately need”.

If you are part of a local group within Whaley Bridge or Furness Vale and you would like to talk to High Peak CVS about the work we do and how we can support you please do get in touch.

Councillors Thomson

Councillor Kath Thomson and Councillor Shannon-Kate Thomson

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