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Tall Tales Summer School

High Peak Community Arts have just launched their usual creative summer school but this year with a difference that means anyone can get involved in activities, from sound design, to art making, to dance.  

Young people from Glossop and Buxton have been taking part in the Tall Tales performing arts project since May, with more than 20 workshops being run online by writer Lucy Jackson, musician Gareth Carbery, dancer and performer Trixi Bold, artist Frances Walker, filmmaker Mark Turton and sound designer Kris Gjerstad.  They have worked with nearly 20 young people on a theme of Voices of a Changing Earth. Collectively, they have created a story about the choices we are making now, different future worlds and humorous reflections on the unexpected events of 2020.

 Now it is time for the summer school, where they will work more intensively to produce a finished work, which this year will be broadcast online as a live event on 28 August. Sessions began on the 3 August but it is not too late to join in.

The lockdown and social distancing rules have put so many restrictions on the way we work, but necessity is the mother of invention, so High Peak Community Arts are taking the opportunity to offer activities out to everyone in the High Peak.

High Peak Community Arts have come up with 4 activities which will be shared with online videos, and some with written instructions which can be requested in the post.  Anyone interested should visit the website or phone 01663 744516 and leave their details to receive more information. 

The activities include; help create soundscapes for the event using your phone or a recorder to collect unusual noises; design posters that represent either the events of 2020 or your imagined best possible world; help make landscape installations by crafting people, animals and plants; learn and film yourself in a dance choreographed by young member, Georgia Tyler.

>> List of ALL News

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