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Message from Derbyshire's Director of Public Health

There has been a slight increase in the numbers of confirmed cases of coronavirus in parts of the High Peak, including Buxton and Glossop, so DCC want to get the following message out to residents in the High Peak.

Im Dean Wallace, the Director of Public Health for Derbyshire.

I know you will be aware new restrictions have been introduced in a number of areas in the north of England and Greater Manchester some of which border northern Derbyshire.

As the High Peak is close to some of the areas affected by coronavirus outbreaks it is natural that you may be concerned as Im sure many of you need to travel to and from these areas for work or have friends and relatives who live there.

The extra lockdown measures around Greater Manchester dont apply in the High Peak, but like everyone else across the country it is really important we continue to be alert.

We have seen a slight increase in the numbers of confirmed cases of coronavirus in parts of the High Peak, including Buxton and Glossop. We would expect this given the close proximity to the areas affected by the extra restrictions, but Id like to reassure you that were closely monitoring the situation and will take action if needed in the future.

Understanding the rates of infection across Derbyshire is essential for us to act quickly to manage any local outbreaks and can help you to take precautions by knowing the infection rates in your area. Each week we publish the latest statistics on our website here:

Here are the most important things we should all continue to do to avoid contracting the virus and passing it on:

  • Keep your distance from people not in your household or support bubble
  • Wash your hands regularly 
  • Wear a face covering in shops, on public transport or when visiting the hospital or GP and from 8 August it will also be compulsory to wear one in other indoor venues, such as cinemas and places of worship
  • ​Two people from different households can meet indoors, but you still need to keep your distance and keep windows and doors open where possible for ventilation
  • Outside you can get together with up to 30 people from two households or a maximum of six people from different households
  • If you have symptoms, its easy to get a test. Simply ring NHS 119 for an appointment at your nearest drive-through or walk-through centre, to request a home testing kit or book online at

Id like to ask you all to keep doing what you have been doing over the last few months to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. I understand that sometimes this might be difficult but we need to summon our famous Derbyshire community spirit so we can all get back to doing the things we enjoy more quickly.

This virus has not gone away - were still in the middle of an epidemic on our doorsteps.  If we all take sensible everyday precautions we can prevent the spread in the High Peak.

Thank you for your time reading this and for doing the right thing to protect family and friends.

Yours sincerely

Dean Wallace

Director of Public Health

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