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Zink Project Builds Partnership in High Peak

High Peak Employers join Zink’s bid to Support Young People into Work through Kickstart.  

A diverse range of local employers have joined with High Peak charity The Zink Project to sign up to the government’s Kickstart programme. The scheme supports employers who create jobs for young people age 18-24 to give them a start in the labour market and is a response to reduced opportunity resulting from the pandemic. 

Zink was set up to support people out of poverty in the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales. It runs High Peak Foodbank, Zink Employability, Zink Advice and Buxton Community Eco-Café. Zink’s CEO, Paul Bohan said "Kickstart is a unique opportunity for businesses to help young people get a great start in life by giving them what is essentially paid work experience for six months. We’ve been amazed at the response of local businesses to do what they can to help the community by signing up to Kickstart.” 

Zink was keen to lead the way in setting up Kickstart in the High Peak not only because it helps young people into work but also so that local businesses could benefit from it. A government grant pays employers the costs of employing and supporting young people for up to six months. After six months they can take another young person in the same role. 

More information: Paul Bohan 07811 684299

>> List of ALL News

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