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School Holiday Hunger in the High Peak

High Peak charity, The Zink Project, are looking at better ways of supporting children who may experience school holiday hunger.  

They want to speak to families in the High Peak who are affected so that the right measures can be put in place in the future. All information will be treated anonymously. 

The Zink Project is the local charity that runs High Peak Foodbank. They have teamed up with The University of Sheffield to investigate issues around school holiday hunger and look at how it can be prevented. Recommendations will be shared with High Peak Financial Inclusion group facilitated by Derbyshire County Council.  

Paul Bohan from Zink explained, "This October there was a lot of discussion about school holiday hunger. Zink, through High Peak Foodbank, has always supported affected families and the last school holidays were no exception. 

"We have worked with the University of Sheffield before. They are going to look into how holiday hunger in the High Peak can be prevented and report back. The report will be shared with Derbyshire County Council and other local organisations so that things can be put in place by Christmas. 

If your family has experienced school holiday hunger and you are willing to discuss the issues anonymously, you can contact Zink on 07811 684299 or message High Peak Foodbank on Facebook. 

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