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National Grief Awareness Week 2020

2 to 8 December 2020 is National Grief Awareness Week with the theme being #shareyourstory.  

Bereavement Your StoryThe campaign aims to try and normalise grief and get people talking about this typically uncomfortable subject. For more information about this campaign please visit: which is driven by the Good Grief Trust.

High Peak CVS are proud to lead on Bereavement and Loss Support Groups across the district which aim to give those people suffering from bereavement an opportunity to share their stories, meet others dealing with similar issues and support each other during these difficult times. 

To support the #shareyourstory campaign, James Bromley our CEO, shares his own experience and why he feels talking is so important:

"In November 2018 we lost our Mum. It was sudden and unexpected and devastated us all but in particularly our Dad who doted on her and relied on her for so much. Myself and my brother tried to support him through this but his health deteriorated dramatically during this period and sadly we lost him too, shortly after in December 2019. I have no doubt the loss of our Mum, his Wife, had a huge impact on his health, both mentally and physically and contributed to his passing.

I realise now that I never truly grieved for my Mum. The focus of supporting my Dad, work and family took over everything and was probably my way of dealing with the situation. Trying not to think too deeply and focus on others. When we lost our Dad the pain and grief hit me hard. It was probably the combination of two losses so closely together and the months following that were the toughest of my life. What I never really appreciated about this type of bereavement is having to deal with all the practical elements while emotionally being so vulnerable.  Funerals, Estates, Property and all the other issues that need to be addressed but are really the last things I wanted to think about.

I am still grieving now and Iíve come to realise that I always will. Itís a pain thatís indescribable but it becomes more manageable and the effect it has on day to day life becomes less. It has to. Thereís good days when I can focus on happy memories and I carry on with everyday things. There are also those not so good days where itís hard to focus and the sadness is overwhelming. THOSE are the days that speaking to someone helps me get through it.

I am lucky to have a fantastic family around me that supported me during this period but sometimes I just want to be alone with my thoughts and other times I want to talk to someone that isnít so close to me and perhaps has been through something similar. This is the message Iíd like to get across: 

There is no Ďright wayí to grieve and thereís no set timescale for grief but you donít have to do it alone. There are so many incredible volunteers, organisations and resources available online and in person that can help you through these dark days.  This is why Iím so incredibly proud of the work High Peak CVS does to support those bereaved in the High Peak and passionate about the #shareyourstory campaignĒ.

If you, or a loved one is dealing with bereavement we have a list of services and support that is available for you across the Country and can be found here:

If you think our local Bereavement Support Groups could be beneficial to you or someone you care about, for more information please get in touch with Liz Fletcher at

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