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Bereavement at Christmas

Christmas will probably be a bit different for most people this year, but for those who have lost a loved one it can be incredibly hard and maybe even the thought of it is a struggle.  

Itís a time of memories and nostalgia for lots of us, but how hard to think of memories when the person you would most like to share these with has died.  We also have a Christmas culture of 'togetherness and happy families' whether this is true or not, itís everywhere at this time of year, maybe reminding some of us of what we donít have anymore.

We at High Peak CVS would suggest trying to keep your expectations real, what can you really manage this year?

Ask yourself, 'What support do I need right now?' and ask family or friends to support you if you can.

Try your best to 'stay in the day' and not to think too far ahead.

Most of all be really kind to yourself, do what you need to do for you and let go of the things you canít manage this year.  

Please have a look at the following link from the CRUSE website, thereís some more suggestions for coping over Christmas and a link to their helpline.

In addition, for more information about our local support and other useful information please check out our Bereavement Page:

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