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Vulnerability Fund Small Grants

Deadline for this fund is end of February.  

The Commissioner is looking to support projects which:

  • Help individuals to live safely and without fear of crime in their homes
  • Empower the local community to tackle problems in their neighbourhood areas
  • Are organised by (and involving) community/neighbourhood groups
  • Can demonstrate that they can make a difference to local communities
  • Take a new and sustainable approach to tackling long term problems
  • Foster good relations between partner agencies and communities and do not work in isolation

The fund:

  • Derbyshire-wide including the City
  • Can be used for meeting capital or revenue costs 
  • Available to the Voluntary and community sectors, charities and non-profit making associations on behalf of the individuals and communities they work with.  

The Fund is currently taking applications for small grants of up to £1000 - these are being distributed through the CVS organisations in each locality so High Peak based groups wishing to apply for under £1K should contact

Deadline 1 Mar 2021

CVS Vulnerability Fund Application Form

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