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New Beginnings - Groups Development Worker Deb Boden

Last month High Peak CVS welcomed a new member of staff to the team in the form of Groups Development Worker Deb Boden.  

Deborah BodenJoining the organisation at a pivotal moment as the UK tentatively begins its journey out of a global pandemic, Debís appointment will be vital in assisting our members navigate their way through this period of transition. 

After a four-year career break, to start a family with her partner, Deb was drawn to the voluntary sector from a background in local journalism. 

"I had worked within local journalism for most of my adult life and loved many parts of it, particularly meeting new people and getting to report on all the diverse aspects of community life. It was however when I took time off to have my children that I personally got involved with the voluntary sector and got to see first-hand the vital services, and in some ways even life-saving impact it could have on peopleís lives.

"I joined my local breastfeeding group after having my daughter. The friendship, support, advice and help I got from this group was not only vital to me at this point in my life, but I was honestly touched and astounded at the impact it had on so many other women. I made friendships from this group with women I perhaps would not have met in any other circumstances, friendships which drew us together through our shared experiences.

"Seeing the importance of this support group first hand started my journey to become more involved with the group, eventually helping to run it by the time I had my son. 

"It is this experience, coupled with my drive and determination to do something worthwhile, something to help other groups like the one I had been involved with, that drew me to High Peak CVS. 

"Iím thrilled to have been given the opportunity to join this wonderfully diverse and experienced team and am very much looking forward to be able to help and support you, the members, in your own journeys. The road ahead may be a new and unfamiliar one to most of us, particularly in light of what so many people have been through in the past 12 months, itís certainly not been easy. But with light at the end of the tunnel, I couldnít be starting at a more important time.Ē

Deb Boden - work days Mon-Wed 9.30am-3pm

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