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Furness Vale Community

Cafe, Shop, PO and Films news.  

Furness Vale community Cafe, Shop and PO will reopen after 17 May (Tues and Thurs 1.30-4.30pm) - serving at tables and observing Covid advice for distancing, sanitising, masks etc.  The shop has a variety of essential food items, and greetings cards.  It'll be so lovely to see friends and familiar faces again for a chat.  Hopefully the Knit and Natter group will be able to meet too.

Films - there's quite a lot of planning required, so unlikely to be before September.  They also need a new organiser as much-valued 'Mike' and his wife Gill have taken retirement and are wished happy times.  If you or someone you might know, might fancy the voluntary role as a hobby please get in touch to ask more. 

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