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Coronavirus 24 Mar 2020

Date: 23 Mar 2020     

High Peak CVS

Coronavirus 24 Mar 2020


Text: Coronavirus Information and Support

The link below is to the Derbyshire County Council website which is updated at 3pm every day with the latest information:


At High Peak CVS we offer a public forum to  share any initiatives set up to support those that are isolating due to the COVID-19 situation. In addition we are asking for this information to be sent to donna@highpeakcvs.org.uk so that we can collate them and share them appropriately.

Facebook – www.facebook.com/groups/2878019722241277/

Twitter – twitter.com/HPCVS/status/1240596253240700929

News: Foundation Derbyshire Coronavirus Funding

Foundation Derbyshire’s Coronavirus Fund has been established to support community groups and organisations working to tackle the impact of the Coronavirus in Derbyshire.


Subject to available funds, their initial focus is on providing £1000 emergency grants to Food Banks (that may be experiencing a fall in food donations and/or increases in demand) and befriending services, who will play a key role in helping those in self-isolation, as a result of the virus.

As the situation develops and they understand more fully where the pressures and challenges are, they aim to respond to the needs of community and voluntary groups more widely and will also review the size of grants that they are able to award.

The National Emergencies Trust will also be using Foundation Derbyshire to distribute money that they are raising - further information on their website next week.

If your group would like to apply to the Foundation Derbyshire Coronavirus Fund, email the Grants Team at emergencies@foundationderbyshire.org

News: Animations - Volunteering, Safeguarding and Befriending

Animations from VODA.

All four animations vimeo.com/showcase/6894791


Individual Videos:




News: Derbyshire Connect

Derbyshire Connect Active Travel service (transport to non-emergency medical related appointments) and Derbyshire Connect Shopping Bus services are still continuing to operate across Derbyshire on a reduced basis.

Various operators of the services have said they would be willing to provide additional help if required, such as Active Travel services providing a medical prescription delivery service in their area and the shopping bus a grocery delivery option for people who can’t get out.

Details of the areas the different services cover are shown in the leaflets below, along with contact numbers for the different providers. 

Derbyshire Connect

Derbyshire Connect North and East

Derbyshire Connect South and West

News: Whaley Bridge Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group

Whaley Bridge Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group want people to be responsible for 10 to 20 homes on the street where they live, throughout Whaley Bridge.

The criteria for becoming leader or deputy leader are:
a) you are not in the  vulnerable category
b) no high risk factors
c) not currently self isolating

If people are in any of these 3 categories, but still want to help, then they are asked to ring people up to support them by phone.

The responsibilities of the leaders are:
a) to stay in touch with all your group of homes either by social distancing on door step or by phone.
b) to offer the services of dog walking / shopping / collecting prescriptions / posting mail / chatting.

Those who volunteer to be leaders will understandably have to prove their identity.

IF ANYONE WISHES TO VOLUNTEER IN THIS WAY EMAIL whaleymag@gmail.com stating your name, address and willingness to help. The 'mag' in the email address stands for 'mutual aid group'. 


This is an example of the sort of leaflet that will be used.

Whaley Bridge Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group Leaflet

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