Peer Support for Non-Resident Parents.

Significant was formed by the need of a non-resident mother for support.  A need for support during a difficult time when her daughters were taken by the father and court proceedings were ongoing.  

She found nothing available at all in the Buxton or High Peak area.  There are groups run in large cities by Families Need Fathers, but these are few and far between, and travelling was not really an option for her.  So the Buxton-based support group, Significant, was born.  

Fuelled by her own sense of helplessness and lack of resources for non-resident parents, she understood that the way that she was feeling, there must be others feeling the same way too. She found that all focus for support from most charitable organisations was aimed at the resident parents and the support for non-resident parents was very limited.  

Research shows that over 40% of children in the UK will go to bed tonight without either one or both parents living with them.  Family breakdown is commonplace and conflict and alienation arise - affecting the children.  Also, record numbers of children are being fostered and adopted.  

As a parent, imagine the loss felt if you are suddenly either no longer a part of your child's life, or suddenly reduced to a part time role?  Often going through divorce process or court proceedings in itself is a very emotionally draining experience, as well as then having your influence in your children's lives removed or limited.  Yet, this situation is occurring ever more frequently.  

Significant parents meet monthly to support each other, discuss ways of becoming better parents (regardless of their circumstances), invite professionals along to advise and educate, signpost each other to help and services and offer friendship and fellowship through their shared experiences.  

They are an informal group and are open and non-judgemental.  Their aim is to become the best parents we can to work towards the best outcome for our children, now and in the future.  They want to work towards change for the sake of their children. That includes influencing political and social culture and opinions.  

The groups members are increasing and next year are looking towards running groups every two weeks, plus doing more promotional work to highlight awareness of issues non-resident parents face.  They welcome new members and can be contacted on 07866779106.

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